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По умолчанию StopMotion - Craft Skills for Model Animation

Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation (Focal Press Visual Effects and Animation)

Focal Press (3 Sep 2003) | ISBN: 0240516591 | PDF | 206 pages | 24.47 MB

'A wonderful introduction to a rather complicated and unique art form.' Ray Harryhausen director of The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, and Jason and the Argonauts 'Don't attempt stop motion before you read this book! Susannah has covered everything in this no-nonsense approach to the industry.' Richard Goleszowski director of Creature Comforts and Rex the Runt 'Stop Motion contains a huge amount of valuable information for the budding stop-frame film maker. A great addition to the film craft library.' David Sproxton, co-founder and Managing Director of Aardman Animations 'Practical, informative and full of quotes from key characters in the story of the stop-frame industry. I wish I'd had this book when I was a student.' Joan Ashworth, Head of Animation, Royal College of Art 'When it comes to animating, this excellent book covers timing of movement, story development from idea to script, compositing you shots, editing and so on. Susannah's book will certainly make you want to get out there and get started on model animation.' Pat Raine Webb, Animatoon magazine, February 2004 "...a mine of information. This book gives an unrivalled detailed technical overview of the subject." The Times Higher Education Supplement "...an attractive, easy to handle paperback with clear and concise text...This is the perfect book for anyone contemplating getting into model animation." Dope Sheet "This is a truly fantastic book. If you want to learn how to do stop motion animation film-making or to do animation well, read this book closely, do the exercises and follow the instructions. This book is beautifully laid out and illustrated with copious useful diagrams and photographs." Focus Magazine

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