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По умолчанию TVPaint Animation 11 is available !

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Color and texturing engine thanks to "Color and Texture to Generate" layers (aka CTG layers) : this is the biggest change added in TVPaint Animation 11 Professional Edition. Create color libraries, give them a name, track color area with textures. It's a full layer engine dedicated to make the coloring and texturing processes faster and easier than before.
2 new texturing FX : "Brush Spreading" and "Inlay Texture", to make great textures (depending on the shape) in a few click.
A Warp tool based on the technology "as rigid as possible", which allows to distort, stretch and bend your drawings. It also allows you to imitate cut-out animation.
Guidelines to draw lines, ellipses, perspectives with vanishing points, image guides, etc.
A Library, to stock images, references or model-sheets.
The Flips panel : configure your flips in the exact way you like (between images, instances, marked images, etc.) with the shortcuts your want.
Auto Break and Auto Create Frame are now layer depending.
Layer Preset Manager : manage different preset kinds to create your layers with specific configuration.
An Eraser tool is available (but don't worry, color mode “Erase” is still here as well).
A chromatic wheel.
New interface, with darker color scheme and pretty icons.
The Windows top menu is re-organized to help newcomers to find what they are looking for.
Improved Line smoothing options ! Now, you have the choice between 2 modes : "average" or "pulled string". Plus, it has its own panel and its own icon on the Main Panel.
Standard Edition can run on Linux
Scale system to make TVPaint more comfortable on 4K screens.
Proxy is now 25 % faster (ideal for HD projects).
Coordinates for the Out of Pegs are available in the Light Table.
Tint mode available in the Light Table (vey useful if you animate filled shapes).
Anti aliasing available on any filling shapes.
Auto save.
Storyboard publishing compatible with Flix (The Foundry©).
Drag and Drop images within the timeline has been improved.
New information can be displayed when exporting your project.

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